I'll be seeing you
Video Installation, a Series of 5 Ink Jet Prints, a series of 7 Oil Paintings on Automotive Enamel, and a Narrative sound piece, with 5 versions of the pop song "I put a spell on you" 
see video for the fictionalized story that inspired this body of work:
I’ll be seeing you: The Reconstructions…  references the documentary genre of police photography to explore notions of identity and memory re-construction. It suggests that memory is essentially a form of imagination, melding the physical perception of the real with the elusive portrayals of remembered faces and intense experiences. Although I actually did go to the police to reconstruct these faces from my own memory of a specific experience, the photographs do not disclose the facts behind the faces. The work offers the viewer an opportunity to investigate and to essentially construct, just as the portraits are literally collaged, their own narrative from the given fragments.