Time Displacement Experiments

This series of paintings, collages, and photographic works are my own personal interpretations from the Pawel Avorsky story. All the distorted images belonging to this project are 'direct photographs' and are not digatally manipulated in any way. The imagery came intuitively from excerpts of Avorsky's writings found in the first newspaper article written about the Avorsky story by Christopher James, published in The Observer, September 20, 1987. I also had the opportunity to work through email with the curator of the Pawel Avorsky Museum in Warsaw Emilia Gierczak. She was kind enough to allow me to make digital prints from files owned by the Avorsky Mueum that I reproduced for two exhibitions, at the Centre d'Art Contemporain 104 in Paris, and the Museum of Contemoprary Art in Madison. Then I visited Warsaw and met Gierczak in person. She allowed me invaluable access to Avorsky's writings, objects, artifacts, that are not available to the general public. I spent several days doing research there, and was able to see in person the orignal Warsaw Notebook! I read translated sections from that and other found volumes the museum has in their collection. From Avorsky's vivid descriptions, photographs, and drawings he made in his notebooks I have made these interpretive photographs.