The Grotto
This sculpture is also an interpretation based on my visit to the Pawel Avorsky Museum in Warsaw, where I was able to see in person the orignal Warsaw Notebook, and read translated sections from that and other found volumes the museum has in their collection. Avorsky's incredibly detailed descriptions of his 'temporal displacement experiments' include one passage about him finding what he called a "glowing and dimming grotto of infinite proportion." He further said that it was "the most intense redish hue short of lava." According to his calculations, which were written in the margins of the text as a physics algorithm, he was just less than one kilometer beneath the city of Warsaw. This sculpture is made from pink insulation foam, LED lights which dim and brighten. The sculpture is shown within a 2-way Mirror Glass infinity box. When the LED lights dim, the viewer only sees themselves and their surroundings reflected, when the lights begin to glow, one's reflection start disappearing and the intensity of the red increases as the light brightens, and the grotto reflects on all four sides back and forth to infinity.