The Choreographed Accident: Paul Avery aka Pawel Avorsky
British Intelligence Agent Paul Avery, alias Pawel Avorsky (1926-1964) worked undercover in Warsaw from 1956-1964. The discovery of Avery’s Warsaw Notebook beneath the floorboards of his former London home in September 1987 revealed that Avery had built a secret darkroom in the rafter portion of his apartment building, and later it was revealed that he had made an architectural model of the building to plan the darkroom's construction. Six weeks after the discovery of Paul Avery’s “Warsaw Notebook” in London, the Polish Secret Police found Avery’s darkroom intact. The Polish Communist Secret Police confiscated and documented everything. The Secret Service has admitted to the truth of Avery claims to have been there on the ground when the photograph was taken in Cardington, Bedfordshire. He was encircled in the photograph published in the 1987 The Observer article. The original Photographic Negative & Print is still held under high security at the NPIC, Leeds where Avery covertly photographed it in mid 1961Newspaper Clipping from The Observer (London), Sept. 20, 1987, by Christopher James (Reuters/Observer). This was the first article to be published about the discovery of the Warsaw Notebook, belonging to former British Secret Serviceman Paul Avery (also known as Pawel Avorsky). Reprinted from a digital file from the Archive of Documents, Pawel Avorsky Museum, Warsaw.